Spotted Lanternfly Problems Throughout New Jersey

By Horizon Pest Control

One of the most problematic pests for 2023 in New Jersey is the spotted lanternfly. The spotted lanternfly is native to China. An invasive species, it first appeared in Pennsylvania in 2014. It has become a significant threat to agriculture in less than a decade.

Although we call them lanternflies, they are not flies. They are actually planthoppers, like cicadas. Their hopping ability is a massive part of why they are spreading throughout New Jersey. They can hop onto things and hitch rides. That means that firewood, outdoor furniture, and vehicles can carry them to distant spots. Then, they multiply and become a significant problem. As an invasive species, they do not have natural predators. So, once they get into an area, they have no check.

If spotted lanternflies get to your trees, they can have a devastating impact on their health. Adults and nymphs puncture the bark to feed on the sap. That leaves the trees weakened. Even worse, it leaves behind a substance known as honeydew. Honeydew is sticky, which attracts pests and promotes mold growth. Without treatment, it can lead to tree death and reduced crops. At least 70 different plants are impacted by spotted lanternflies, including fruit trees, walnuts, willows, and maples.

Officials have detected the spotted lanternfly in all 21 New Jersey counties. You should learn what they look like in all of their life stages.

  • Eggs
  • Nymphs
  • Adults

You also need to check your property outdoors to see if you can spot any evidence of them. Some people just look at the trees. However, you must look at all outdoor items, including boxes, vehicles (boats and trailers), basketball backboards, doors, dog houses, bikes, yard decorations, grills, playhouses, and more.

If you find eggs, you want to scrape them off and destroy them. That is the most effective way of eradicating this pest. Targeting them once they hatch and reach the nymph or adult stages of their life cycles is more challenging. Does that sound daunting? No worries. At Horizon Pest Control, we can help you identify and destroy spotted lanternflies.

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