The Time of Year Bugs are Most Active

By Horizon Pest Control

Bugs are a year-round problem. Some people think that cold weather will kill them off, but many bugs just go dormant or move inside when the weather gets colder. However, it is true that bugs become more of a nuisance as the weather gets colder. They start to come out in spring and become more and more of a problem as spring turns into summer. They may be more of a problem for humans in August, since many types of insects are collecting stores of food to last through the winter.

Almost all insects are ectothermic. That means that they need heat to function and that they get less active when they get cold. That is why so many of them may move inside, where they still have the heat, they need to function.

When the weather drops below freezing, most bugs are going to stop being able to move or reproduce. In fact, many of them will die. Others will hibernate until it starts to get warm. Once spring temperatures consistently reach 70 or higher, insects start to reproduce. The insect problems can start in March or April but reach their worst in July to August.

What do you do about spring and summer bug activity? Just like with other pests, exclusion is the first step to eliminating your bug problem. You want to make sure that any holes or chinks in your walls are sealed, that your windows have weatherstripping, and that your window screens are not missing or torn. That can go a long way to keeping bugs out of your home.

If you have pets, you need to think about bug prevention for your pets, as well. Make sure your pets are on flea and tick prevention. If you are experiencing any problems, you may want to have your yard treated for pests, as well. That can help prevent your pets from bringing fleas and ticks inside. If you are an active outdoors person, you want to use insect repellent on yourself, as well. Use a product containing DEET anytime you will be going into any type of thick brush or woods where you may come into contact with ticks.

Of course, if you need professional extermination help, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an inspection of your home. We can see what type of pests you have and schedule a personalized plan designed to get rid of those pests.

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