Ticks Have Been Found Dwelling Within Short-Grass Sports Fields

By Horizon Pest Control

One would have to be living under a rock to not have heard the news about dangerous disease-spreading ticks in America. Tick habitats are thick within forested regions. Any avid outdoorsman can tell you that coming home from a day in the woods will inevitably bring ticks home with them. This is why people who are aware of the threats that ticks pose to human health generally check their bodies thoroughly for ticks before entering their homes. Despite the fact that tick-borne diseases are rising dramatically with each passing year, there are many Americans that assume that avoiding forested regions keeps them safe from tick bites. This is an understandable position to take, after all, how many times have you pulled a tick off of your body after visiting the pool or riding your bike? It does indeed seem as though dangerous tick populations are contained solely within forested regions, and nowhere else. Sadly, for those of you who do not make regular trips into the forest, ticks can still pose a threat to you and your loved ones as long as you are still willing to set foot outdoors. For example, most people do not think of ticks as dwelling within areas of flat grassland, but this is not the case as experts are warning parents that ticks have been found dwelling within sports fields containing low-cut and well manicured grass. The warning is being issued with parents in mind, as many children participate in sports during the summer season.

Although ticks are most notable for their thick presence within forested regions, ticks also gravitate to open fields where tall grass grows wild. This is also well understood by many people, but when it comes to short turf grass on soccer fields, football fields and golf courses, many people dismiss these particular grassy regions as safe from the dangers of tick bites. However, this could not be further from the case, as ticks love inhabiting moist regions containing short grass. Parents and teachers in Putnam County are being warned by county health officials about the common tick presence in short-grass sports fields. Ticks are most abundant within the fields during the early morning hours when dew is present on the grass.

Have you ever, or have you known someone who has ever found a tick embedded in their skin after spending time on short turf grass?

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