When Wildlife Destroys Your Roof

By Horizon Pest Control

Different types of wild animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, birds, and other nuisance wildlife, can get in your roof this winter. Most of these animals are great climbers, and quite secretive so they can get in without you noticing them. However, when they start creating noise, you know they are already settled in.

Although your roof may be perfect, these animals can chew their way into your roof, thus destroying it in the process. In most cases, however, these pests will take advantage of an existing hole in the roof. Other means of entry include unscreened vents, roof vents, soffit vents, and the likes. They can also enter through the bottoms of eaves that is against the roof or through the gap at the edge of the roof behind the gutter.

Different animals can get into your roof in different ways. For instance, raccoons commonly use one entry point to gain access. It may be on the roof or eaves, create a large hole to gain entry, or just remove the vent cover. Rats on the other hand can gain entry in numerous ways. All it will need is a small opening and it can get inside. Birds cannot peck their way in, but will take advantage of the architectural gaps of your roof such as the gap where eaves meet roof.

Although these nuisance animals have different means in gaining entry, their intention in invading your home, especially as the winter approaches, is to stay warm and keep safe from the cold weather outside.

Ways to know If Wildlife is Already Nesting


Hear noise in the daytime. Much of the noise sounds like running or scurrying, mostly in the attic, in the walls, chimney, or near the edge of the roof.

Rats and Mice

Finding little brown droppings scattered in the attic, commonly in areas they frequent most. They also leave trails throughout the insulation. You may also find stains and brown fur grease stains.


Their presence may indicate a heavier stumping unlike squirrels. Raccoons most commonly search for a nice place to settle in during spring when they are searching for a safe place for their babies. However, they can get into your home any time of the year, especially during winter when they are searching for a warm place to stay in. When the raccoon has babies, vocal noises can also be heard. Raccoons are nocturnal so they will come out at night. When raccoons are in the roof, you may find large poop that is mostly in one secluded area. They will also destroy air ducts and even large areas of insulation.


Common indications that birds are already on the roof are when you find lots of poop, feathers, and nests.

Wildlife Control

Depending on the type of wildlife you have, you may be able to do the exclusion or get the help of wildlife control specialist. Since there are different means to getting rid of these animals, it is necessary to ask the experts when the need arise. Once the animal is gone, make sure your roof is protected and vents are sealed.

Let us help you with your wildlife problem! For more information about our New Jersey Animal Control services, call 201-365-9886 today.

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