Ways to Get Rid and Prevent Stink Bugs in Your Home

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The brown marmorated stink bug is considered a pest since they do not have any predators to eat them. Their population is growing at tremendous speed as it penetrates homes with its pungent odor, and destroys farms too. This pest is considered a serious threat to agriculture and causes millions of dollars in damage to fruit growers alone.

This spring, expect these bugs to crawl from their winter hiding places and destroy crops that they find. Hundreds of these bugs may even be on porches and go inside your homes. Although they do not pose any human threat and do not damage homes or structures, when you crush them there is a pungent odor that may even leave a stain on your clothes or skin.

They are called stink bugs simply because they stink. When they get scared or threatened, they will release a foul-smelling chemical through their scent glands to frighten their predators. Stink bugs prefer to eat plants and fruits. They use their rostrum or their sucking mouth parts to get the juice stems and juicier parts of plants and fruits. The brown marmorated stink bugs are a great fan of tomatoes, corns, peaches, and many other delectable fruits.

The good news about these stink bugs is that they do not create colonies or nests. They mostly prefer to be by themselves. But, when we see them congregating by the hundreds, many may feel that they are creating colonies. Stink bugs do tend to move in one particular place since they are all attracted to warmth and light. When you find them on porches, near doors, windows, and even inside your home, it just means that the season is changing and it is time for them to breed.

How to Remove Stink Bugs From Your Home

It is not actually easy to remove these bugs from your home. Just like any other type of pests, they need some course of action and the right tools to properly get rid of them. Do not squish these bugs as much as you want to do it because they will emit that pungent odor, and the worst part is, most of those stink bugs will release their stink in defense.

Once these stinkbugs have overwintered inside your home, they will emerge from where they are and venture outside to look for food and a mate. You will mostly see them on windows, in attics and basements, and doors if they have successfully overwintered in your home. To control stink bugs, you can:

  • Seal any small openings that you can find that includes gaps on windows, doors, chimneys, soffits, vents, and the likes.
  • Turn off any outdoor lights and pulling down the shades during the evening can lessen the chances of these bugs finding your home.
  • Do not use yellow drapes unless you will use them to collect stink bugs to rid of them.
  • Get rid of any shelter for pests around your house such as overgrowth or weeds.
  • Plant catnip in your garden.
  • Use garlic as a shield for your home by placing a lot around your home or you can mix garlic with water and spray it in plants.
  • Use a combination of a dish detergent and two cups of water placed in a medium-sized spray bottle. Spray your solution in areas where stink bugs enter. You can also spray this solution to the stink bug itself.
  • You can also create your own trap by using a dish detergent, a foil pan with half gallon of water, then place the pan under a light. Since stink bugs are attracted to light, they will get into the soapy water without realizing it. By the time they realize their mistake, it will be too late.
  • Vacuum the area where the bugs are and dispose of them immediately. Also, clean the vacuum as soon you are done so that the stink will not remain.

For a small scale infestation, you can get rid of these stink bugs on your own. You can even use your hand to capture them since they are not fast and easy to catch. But, make sure to handle them carefully so as to not crush them. Ask for help, if the infestation is too big for you to handle. Most specialist will be able to treat your stink bug problems right away without leaving any rusty odor in your home.

It is stink bug season, and your home may already be suffering from their constant presence. Horizon Stink Bug Control will help you get rid of these stinky bugs with the help of our fully trained technicians. Call us today and avail of our FREE inspection!

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