When Animals Invade the Attic

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Attics can be the perfect dwelling for some of our wildlife. And, while most of our surroundings are really becoming urbanized, most of these animals are also becoming urbanized as well. Most animals are great climbers, and will choose to climb inside your basement because of the convenience it brings.

One quick way to know whether your attic has residing animals is if you hear noises above the ceiling. Common noises that they do include scampering, scratching, digging, walking, vocal cries, and the likes. Different types of wildlife may become attracted to your home because of the comfort and shelter that they can find inside. Your attic in particular, presents a good opportunity for animals to breed while providing a comfortable shelter for their offspring.

How Animals Get in the Attic

Animals can get inside your attic if the surroundings present them with a good opportunity. If they can climb easily, like a tree or trees that are near the house. They can also easily get inside when the house has a wide-open holes as part of their structure, or even open windows. But, most of the time, animals will take advantage the roof portion like a dormer, or any bend leading sections of the roof. Other entry points are the fascia, vents, under eaves, and the gables.

Animals That May Enjoy Your Attic Includes:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Cats
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Bats
  • Opossums
  • Snakes
  • Hedgehogs
  • Skunks
  • Pigeons

When Animals Are Inside

It is not difficult to know whether your attic is already invaded by wildlife since they will move and make sounds while creating interior destruction and mayhem to your property. These animals will chew wires, wood, furniture, and more. They can also leave an unbearable musty odor as they stay longer in your property. Since attics are not commonly visited, the only time you may know their presence is when you hear them scampering around. When animals become present in your attic make sure to remove them right away.

Remove Animals in Your Attic

Understand the Animals – During the months of February through May or August through October that different animals may seek refuge in your attic. They will search for a new shelter to protect their young and hide away from the dangers of the outdoors. Squirrels may have babies during these months and may begin to look for ways to get inside your home. The challenge with a squirrel invasion is even when you have perfectly removed the adult, she may have left her young ones inside, which would make the mother try to go back for her babies. When removing squirrels, make certain to remove her entire family since her youngs can die without her.

To Remove Them From Your Attic on Your Own, You Can:

  1. Frighten them into leaving by banging on the rafters
  2. Show your continuous presence in the attic
  3. Play loud radio in the attic all day
  4. Place soaked cider vinegar, ammonia, or mothballs around the attic since some animals do not like the smell
  5. Use bright lights in the attic

Traps and Exclusion – There are different types of traps available for different animals. If traps are going to be used for mice, you can use traps that can eventually kill them. For larger animals such as raccoons, squirrels or even cats use livetraps, which are like one-way doors that they will not be able to come out. Place some baits inside like petfood and check on the traps every day. Once you have captured an animal, throw a blanket on the trap and carry the animal as far as you can from your home, then release them in the wild. As much as possible, do not use poison to remove these animals from your attic.

Protect Your Home – Once the animals are out, search their point of entry and seal them. In some cases, these animals will attempt to come back, especially if they have babies that were left behind. They will search for any means to get back in so that they can go back to their babies, if this is the situation, call a pest professional to help you.

Get Help –  Do not remove the animals yourself since some wildlife can be dangerous and wild, making them not safe to remove on your own. Hire a professional wildlife control that knows how to effectively remove the entire family without putting the animals in danger.

Horizon Pest Control offers Nuisance Animal Control and Exclusion Service that guarantees a result. If you find a nuisance animal in your attic, do not remove it on your own. Call 201-365-9886 TODAY and let us remove these animals in a fast and effective way.

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