Will Bugs Start to Die out When the Winter Comes?

By Horizon Pest Control

Most of us think that we are safe from bugs when the winter comes since we do not commonly see insects during the cold winter. Most assume that they die off during the cold months. But if they do, how come we still find them as soon as the winter ends? They must be hiding somewhere if they are still alive. Different types of bugs tend to migrate during the cold months. For instance, monarch butterflies, leafhoppers, and milkweed bugs migrate south during the fall to avoid the harsh winter conditions. Others hideaway while still creating eggs in case they die off. Some, like bed bugs, are not affected by the cold winter at all.

Understanding the Survival of Bugs During Winter

Eggs – During the winter months, some insects die. Some bugs like moths, wasps, mosquitoes may also die during the winter months, but not until they have made eggs for the coming spring, like the bagworm. These eggs are mostly placed in safe hiding places where they will survive as the next generation of bugs.

Young – Once these eggs hatch, they will spend their winter days as larvae or nymphs. Bugs such as cicadas and June beetles will spend their days in the winter as a larvae and they will stop growing until the spring comes. If you want to search young bugs during the winter months, look for them on sumac trees or bushes. It is possible that you will find these bugs asleep because they are still hibernating.

Pupae – Other insects will spend their winter months as pupae, such as the cocoons of moths. You can find them on trees and bushes.

Adults – You can find yellowjacket or hornet queens, overwintering. They will mostly emerge during the spring like the ladybird beetle. These bugs will search for a protected place to sleep, and once the weather normalizes for them, they will come activate and create their colonies.

Most insects stay all year round, but it will depend on the type of insect and the stage they are in during the winter months. These bugs will have different techniques to survive the cold winter, or they can even enter homes to over-winter. Bugs such ladybird beetles, cluster flies, elm leaf beetles, and box-elder bugs may stay in homes as adults and overwinter in wall voids, attics, and places where they will not be disturbed or discovered.

Being Cautious With Bugs Even During Winter

While most bugs will not become a nuisance during winter, and we may feel safe from them for some time, this does not mean that they cannot invade our homes. Some bugs may overwinter inside a home since our house is a good hiding place for them. Bed bugs in particular will die eventually if they are trapped outdoors and are constantly in snow. However, if bed bugs find their way inside your home, they may not die since they have already gained access to your home’s heat.

The way you take care of your home during spring, make sure that you do the same in winter. Be observant about the possibility of your home getting bugs and how to control them if they have mistakenly entered your premises. These bugs will search for a place to stay dry and warm, and your home is the perfect place for that.

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