7 Reasons Why Pests Invade Clean Homes

By Horizon Pest Control

When people think of cockroach and rodent infestations, they often associate them with grungy, grimy conditions that invite the pests to invade. While it’s true that dirty environments can attract a wide variety of bugs and rodents, even a spick and span home can end up with pest control problems.

Below, we’ll explain why you can still find pests around your home, even if you keep things clean and tidy.

1. They hitchhiked with your groceries.

When shopping, it pays to inspect groceries for clues of a pest infestation, like signs of chewing or tears in the packaging. Also, avoid buying fly-covered produce, as there’s a decent chance that flies have already laid eggs in it.

When you bring your groceries home, wash your produce right away, and transfer the dry goods to clear, airtight containers so that you can inspect them for any food-contaminating “pantry pests.” If you find any bugs or eggs, throw the food away in your outdoor garbage container, and make sure the lid is closed tightly.

2. Food isn’t adequately sealed.

Everyone loves snacks–including pests. That’s why it’s critical to keep food in your pantry stored in clear, airtight containers. The food’s smell won’t be as noticeable, and if pests do find the food, they’ll have a hard time accessing it. Pest control problems aside, your food will also last longer, which means fewer trips to the grocery store.

3. Your window and door screens need to be repaired or replaced.

How long has it been since you’ve thoroughly examined all of your window and door screens? Due to weather, debris from outside, pets, children, old age, and any number of other things, the screens can get holes or start to open up at the sides. Screen cans also pop out of place, leaving ample room for a cockroach to creep inside.

4. Your pet’s food is left out around the clock.

It can be difficult to force your pet to stick to meal times when they prefer to “graze.” However, it’s something you’ll want to consider if you’re having pest control problems. Unfortunately, bugs and rodents see your pet’s food as an enticing free meal, especially if you leave the food outside overnight.

5. There’s a gap under your exterior doors.

You might be surprised to learn just how many pests are getting in through your front door. If the gap between the bottom of your door and the doorframe is large enough, even a mouse can squeeze through. Eliminate this problem by equipping your exterior doors with weatherstripping and a sweep. You’ll get the added benefit of keeping out icy drafts during winter and heat during summer.

6. There are rodent-sized entry points all around your home.

Mice can squeeze through a gap the size of a nickel. If you were to do a perimeter check of your home right now, you’d undoubtedly find numerous nickel-sized gaps, holes, and cracks along your foundation, basement, crawlspace, vents, and roof. Small rats and mice can even sneak in through holes drilled for pipes, cables, and electrical wires. If you’re not sure what parts of your home should be blocked or sealed to prevent rodent infestations, consult a pest control expert.

7. There are gaps around your window AC unit.

Even if your window air conditioning unit fits in your window, there still might be gaps between the equipment and the window frame. This is more than enough room for bugs to crawl inside. Fill these spaces with strips of insulating foam, which you can buy from most home improvement stores. Not only will this keep out pests, but this will also improve your AC unit’s energy efficiency.

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