How to Prevent Spreading Rat and Mice Populations from Invading Your Home

By Horizon Pest Control

This year, something unique is happening with mice and rats across America. Normally, rodents rely heavily on the food they get from garbage at restaurants and other commercial institutions, but due to the 2020 lockdown, rats and mice nationwide are experiencing food shortages. Consequently, these rodents have started spreading in larger numbers to suburban areas in search of sustenance.

How do you stave off a rodent infestation in your home? Make sure you use these tips below.


Rodents typically become a larger problem during winter because of their tendency to search for shelter indoors. You’ll want to do two things to keep an infestation at bay: make your home hard to infiltrate and remove anything that makes your home look inviting to a rat or mouse.

Seal or cover rodent-sized holes and gaps.

Rodents frequently enter homes through vents and overlooked gaps around a home’s roof and crawl space. Small rodents can even squeeze through holes in your walls that are meant for plumbing pipes, gas pipes, and electrical lines. Keep in mind: mice can fit through a hole the size of a nickel.

Trim your trees, and thin out overgrown vegetation.

Plants provide a place for rodents to hide, and they can also help rodents access entry points on your home’s roof or second story. Trim back any tree branches that are touching or growing right next to your home. Also, make sure to thin out vines, bushes, and shrubs growing around your property.

Keep food in hard, airtight containers.

This includes both people and pet food. Storing food in rigid, airtight containers makes it harder for rodents to smell, and if rodents do find it, they’ll have a much harder time getting to it. Rats and mice spread over 35 diseases worldwide, and their urine and feces will contaminate food if it’s not protected.

Never leave food or dirty dishes out overnight.

The food’s smell can attract rodents. Before you go to bed, make sure the dishes from dinner are clean–or at least rinsed and put away in the dishwasher. Also, be sure that no pet food is left out at night. This will be an open invitation to rats and mice to chow down.

Do you need help tackling a rodent infestation? Our New Jersey rodent removal experts at Horizon Pest Control can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us online or by phone at (201) 447-2530.

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