DIY Pest Control Tips for 8 Common Pests

By Horizon Pest Control

There are numerous reasons why it is smart to learn do-it-yourself pest control methods even if you have an account with a professional. You never know when some of the pests featured here might bother you. Here are some simple ways to handle the following pests.


Ants are a common household pest and can sometimes be challenging to get rid of. They come in and ruin food as well as bite. Having a home full of ants can be a real problem, so learning how to get rid of them is important. The key is to clean up their trails by scrubbing it with soap and water. They travel along these lines because of pheromones so the scrub cuts all that out. Be sure to note their entry point and treat it so that they will stay outside where they belong.

Bed Bugs

There has to be hundreds of tips for bed bugs because they are such a big problem and very hard to get rid of. The key to getting rid of bed bugs is heat. Clean everything with high heat, especially laundry, for many days and the infestation will quickly fade away.


These have to be the most common pest of all. Cockroaches are just plain disgusting. Cleaning up is key for removing them. Be sure to repair any cracks or holes in the walls. Use lemon oil to keep them away and get professional pest control services regularly.


These destructive pests can cause expensive damage to any home that has wood. To get rid of them, treat their nest with orange oil and apply neem oil to the wood. The orange oil kills them on contact, but the neem oil kills them when they eat it. Keep using these two oils to ensure they stay away.


Flies are just as disgusting as cockroaches, if not more. To get rid of flies clean using plenty of bleach. Be sure to keep the doors and windows closed if you do not have high quality screens. Keep garbage covered and away from the house. You may even want to consider installing an electronic bug zapper by your entryway.


Not only do rodents cause damage and leave filth in their wake, but they can spread diseases. The traditional use of mouse traps simply is not good enough when there is a real issue. Locate their entries and repair them. Make sure to keep the home clean. Since these creatures cannot burp a mixture of baking soda, flour, and sugar will do them in very fast.


Spiders are a particularly tricky pest to get rid of. They are usually loners but unlike other pests they do not need household food sources. To control spiders in your home you have to keep out the other pests they use as prey. If you see one, smash it.


These have to be the most hated of all pests because they bite and can cause a lot of suffering. While they are not poisonous, mosquitoes can spread parasites and disease. Get rid of standing water around the house and yard as they like this element for laying eggs. Use lavender oil instead of insect repellant for a natural method to keep them away.

Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches and other household pests pose health risks to your family and pets. If you suspect pest infestation at home. don’t hesitate to give us a call or alternatively you can click NJ Pest Control to schedule an appointment with us.

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