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Mice are intelligent creatures. They sneak in through small holes with ease, and they create nests in unused areas of your house like the attic or the basement, inside walls, or even in your kitchen. You may not notice their presence, and if you are not attentive enough, you may end up having a severe infestation inside your property.

Evidence of Current Infestation

  • Fresh droppings
  • Mice nests
  • Current gnawing
  • Sounds and strong odors
  • Grease marks
  • Tracks or footprints
  • Live or dead mice

Rodent Control Measures

If your home has an active infestation, take prompt and effective measures. Since infestations can vary to the type of mice involved, the location and condition of the structure, and other important factors, each situation may implement a different method of control.

1. Seal the House

Sealing the house will include always closing the doors of your home, sealing the windows, inspecting the foundation for cracks in the walls, specifically near windows and doors. Mice are good climbers and can sneak through these entry ways. Properly inspecting areas where rodents would come will help in avoiding them to come in.

2. Clean the Home

Cleaning your house includes clearing the clutter of your home such as:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Piles of old clothing
  • Piles of old magazines, newspapers or other papers
  • Cans, bottle or old food containers
  • Old furniture

After getting rid of the clutter, clean the floors and the carpets.

3. Remove Food Sources

Mouse-proof the kitchen and pantry by not providing them food.

  • Use a trashcan that has a lid
  • Use tightly-sealed food storage containers
  • Don’t store boxes of food on the floor

When it comes to cat or dog food, do not leave them sitting out all day. Mice are mostly attracted to good things that they can eat outside. So make sure to remove all food sources that they can find both indoors and outdoors.

Introduce Hindrances

1. Have a Cat in the House

cat chasing mouseCats are excellent mouse deterrents for both indoor and outdoor since cats are mice’s natural predators. Have one in your home and will help in keeping mice away.

2. Use Traps

Traps are one of the most effective ways to get rid of mice without requiring a lot of skills and labor. Traps include snares, snap traps, cage traps, and glue boards. In most cases snap traps are preferable inside a home or business although glue boards can also be used. However, snap traps are more humane. Poison bait can also be used. But the use of poison can lead for the mouse to crawl off and die in an area where you will not be able to reach it. This will end for the mouse to finally smell very bad that would attract other pests like flies.

3. Put Mouse Repellent

There are certain substances that mice hate. Place mint, bay leaves, mothballs or any other known repellents in the corners of your basement, closets, doors, and other place you think these pests are hiding and they will for certain move away from your property.

For effective rodent control, trust Horizon Pest Control. To learn more about Horizon’s pest control programs or to schedule an appointment, visit Residential Pest Control.

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