Wood Destroying Pests and How to Identify Them

By Horizon Pest Control

Have you noticed damaged wood around your house or property? If so, you probably suspect wood-destroying pests. Many of us naturally assume termites, but termites are only one type of wood-destroying insect. Determining which kind of pest you have is critical to developing the appropriate extermination regime to eliminate them. While a pest control specialist can always help you identify which type of wood-destroying pest you have, there are some signs you can look for to help you tell them apart from each other.

While other insects can destroy wood, the two main culprits in New Jersey are the carpenter ant and the termite. They cause similar types of damage. They also have a superficial similarity in their appearance. So, you may struggle to tell them apart.

Carpenter ants look like other types of ants. They also feed on the same thing as other ants. They will look for food in your kitchen or around your yard. Like other ants, they are drawn to sweet and sugary foods. They do not eat wood. However, they do carve into the wood to create their living spaces. They keep their nests very clean so that you may find sawdust or grass. They push it out of their living areas. They frequently damage exterior wood like doors, windows, and decks. They may also attack trees.

On a closer look, termites do not look like ants. They have two segments instead of three segments. Their wings are fragile and break easily. However, it is easier to distinguish them by the damage they leave. They eat wood and will not hunt for food in other parts of your home. They have underground colonies and may not live in wood. Instead, they eat wood. Termites create mud tubes to travel from place to place. They can die if exposed to sunlight and air for too long. So, if you see termite tubes, that is a sign you have termites. You may also see termite swarms or piles of wings in the springtime.

No matter what type of wood-destroying pests you have, Horizon Pest Control can help. Contact us today. We can identify your pest and create a plan to help you get your home pest-free.

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