Stink Bug Home Pest Control Do’s and Dont’s

By Horizon Pest Control

Ah, the wonderful stink bug! There are probably many who would tend to disagree with that statement and think that only a nut or biology geek would say it, but the fact is that stink bugs are stealthy little creatures. They have mastered the art of self-defense with the simple element of stink. It keeps predators from eating them and gives humans quite a dilemma. If your home has been invaded by these stinky pests remember that humans are still the most intellectual beings and read this post to master your battle plans.

It is probably a good idea to start off with all the things you should not do when trying to get rid of stink bugs. Those with an infestation probably feel like it is an emergency situation and it is important for them to know what to avoid doing right now. The number one thing you must not do to a stink bug is smash it. Smashing a stink bug only releases its stink and the smell is most likely to get everywhere and linger.

When dealing with these pests, it is also important to avoid excess lighting in your home during the night time. That can be a very hard thing to do, but stink bugs are attracted to light. In fact light as been used against them in some very ingenious plans to get rid of them. If you live in an area that is all dark at night and the lights from your home can be seen for miles around then at least lowering the shades is a smart idea. Otherwise you may soon find every stink bug in the area moving into your home.

These next don’t for stink bugs are also related to some things you should do. Many people recommend flushing the bugs down the toilet and it is a method that works for many people, however don’t assume the bug is gone for good. Do not think that it absolutely never has a chance of climbing out of the toilet bowl.

Some people choose to vacuum up the stink bugs and there are ways in which this can work. However, don’t ever vacuum up a stink bug with s dry vac. This method can release the stink in the air and in your vacuum. Even if you detect no odor immediately, you very well may smell it when you go to vacuum the floor during regular duties.

Stink bugs may seem pretty tough, but plain old soapy water is their kryptonite. The soap penetrates their hard outer shield, allowing them to take damage much easier. When using the flushing down the toilet method, prepare the water by adding some soap to it first. Then collect the stink bugs and throw them in. It is a good idea to flush multiple stink bugs at a time so that you do not waste water and soap flushing them one by one.

The soapy water is also a smart way to vacuum them up. Fill the bottom of a wet vac with soapy water and then use the hose to suck up the stink bugs. Instead of stinking up the house they will land in the soapy water and die.

Soapy water is your best defense against stink bugs. You van spray down the exterior of your home when you see many stink bugs walking on it. You can keep a spray bottle near screen doors and windows for knocking the stink bugs off when you are trying to enjoy and beautiful day. You can even keep soapy water around the house in buckets and jars for dropping stink bugs into when you happen to catch them.

The best way to prevent stink bug infestation is prevention. Horizon Pest Control can help you eradicate these bugs and protect your home from invasion. To set an appointment today. simply go to New Jersey Stink Bugs.

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