How To Kill Roaches

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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Are you wondering what the best tactic is when it comes to getting rid of cockroaches? Roaches have always been a common household pest, but they are becoming more prolific in the New Jersey area. A roach infestation can be caused by dirt and clutter, but this is not always the reason for a roach problem. Sometimes, even the cleanest homes can have roaches, as they are just looking for a place to hide and something to eat. No matter the reason for the infestation, there are several methods for eradicating roaches. Below we list a few tactics that you can use to instantly kill or deter roaches in your home, including ammonia treatments, boric acid, and roach baiting stations. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you see a roach in your house, it usually means that there are more. We highly recommend that you contact a professional New Jersey pest control company to get the situation inspected for you. Our team of experienced pest control experts at Horizon Pest Control can help get rid of not just the roaches you see in your home, but all roaches that may have taken up residence in and around your home.

Three roaches surrounding a wooden toy house that needs pest control.

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How to Kill Roaches With Ammonia

If you are attempting to remove roaches with ammonia, the recommended method is to mix one part ammonia with one part water, and put the mixture into a spray bottle. When you begin treatment, this ammonia and water mixture should be used to clean all floors, countertops, and other hard surfaces in your home. Plus, since ammonia kills roaches within minutes, you can spray it directly onto roaches. While this is a good way to clean your home, it is problematic with regard to treating a roach infestation, as it must be sprayed directly on every roach and roach egg in order to be effective. This can be difficult because roaches hide inside walls, floors, ductwork, and other places that are nearly impossible to get into. And since one roach can evolve into thousands, you may not be able to hunt down all roaches and eggs to stop the infestation. Dead roaches after being exterminated

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches with Boric Acid

A naturally occurring compound, boric acid is another method to rid your home of roaches. Boric acid is a mixture of boron and water that is found in some types of fruits and plants. To use boric acid, simply add the powder to a paper plate and add some peanut butter or fruit peels. Place the plate where you consistently see roaches gather. Boric acid powder attaches to the legs and wings of roaches, so once it is ingested, it will act on the cockroach’s nervous system and kill it within minutes. Boric acid is harmless to people and pets and easy to use; however, it can be messy. Boric acid will also require many treatments and will not kill eggs at the source.

Using Roach Bait to Rid Your Home of Roaches

Another tactic you can use to kill roaches is roach bait, but what exactly is roach bait? Roach bait or roach bait stations are usually long tubes with poison inside. The smell of the bait trap will lure the roach in, and once it eats the poison, the roach will bring it back to the other roaches and dies. Other roaches will eat the roach, transmitting the poison to other roaches.

Roach baits are simple and easy to use; however, they aren’t very nice to look at and can be toxic to people and pets. Roach baits are the better alternative to pesticide spray because they are cleaner and will not risk contaminating sensitive areas such as kitchen or bathroom countertops.

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Roaches are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of because they hide inside walls, floors, and other areas that are difficult to reach. The most effective way to get rid of cockroaches is to call a cockroach control professional. Horizon Pest Control can help. We have many years of experience with pest control in homes and in businesses. We use methods that are not only effective, but safe for people and pets. One treatment will guard against roaches and 26 additional common household pests. Call Horizon Pest Control today at 201-365-9886 to learn more. Cartoon about killing roaches with pesticide spray

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