Bugs that Invade Your Space in Fall

By Horizon Pest Control

Bugs that Invade Your Space in Fall

Weather changes can prompt pests to try to come inside. As the weather gets colder, fall bugs seek shelter for the coming winter. Your house makes a great space. It is warm and provides a source of food and water. While it may seem like bugs are trying to”buy” you, they are just coming inside to stay alive. However, that does not make them any less of a nuisance. You can try excluding them and use pest control treatments if exclusion does not work. 


Even though centipedes are a little unnerving, they are not a nasty bug to have. They eat other insects, do not bite, and are not a known carrier for disease. However, if you see centipedes, it is a good clue that you have other insects in your home. 


Silverfish are creepy little crawlers that you may find throughout your home. They eat simple sugars, so that you might find them in your pantry. However, they feed off natural fibers and wood, causing tiny holes. They are so small that it can be difficult to exclude them. Instead, you want to treat the areas where they live. Make sure to get high-moisture regions since they are attracted to water. 


The sound of crickets outside is an iconic sound of late summer. The sound of crickets in your house can be enough to drive a person crazy. Crickets are not just a nuisance. They eat clothing and can reproduce quickly. Fortunately, you can eradicate these pests with non-toxic traps and pesticides. 


Like crickets, spiders are not usually a nuisance on their own. While spider bites are possible, our species in the United States rarely cause significant symptoms. Plus, spiders eat the insects in your home. However, spiders in your home are an issue because they indicate that you have an insect problem. 

Bed Bugs

While bed bugs are not strictly fall bugs, you may see them more in the autumn. People travel, and these bloodsucking hitchhikers may hitch rides on them and infest your home. Bed bugs are stubborn pests, and you should contact an exterminator immediately if you suspect them.

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