Why Do Ants Love Sugar So Much?

By Horizon Pest Control

Have you ever wondered why ants are so attracted to your old soda cans, while just about every other bug, except for roaches, doesn’t seem to have any taste for sugar at all? Actually a lot of different insects and other animals are attracted to sugar, and there are many logical reasons for these animals to find sugar appealing.

Biologically speaking, all animals, including us, are driven to consume sugar because it is a calorie-dense food source. Since ants are such hard workers they need calorie-rich food in order to move about continuously in service of their queen.

Sugar is basically an edible form of energy, so ants recognize this about sugar that is why they exploit any sugar-source as much as they can. Sugar, honey and some other sweeteners will provide an ant with enough energy go about its busy day.

Ants are also well known for carrying around giant food particles that are often heavier than they are, but ants prefer to carry around sugar particles because they are so lightweight. To an ant, sugar particles are the preferred food to be hauling around.

If you yourself prefer to cook with sugar or eat sugary foods then it is obviously extra important for you to clean up any sugar particles that may be left over from past food-items. If you do have an ant problem that you cannot get rid of, then you can always use sticky traps that use a sugar-like substitute in order to lure ants to their doom. If these items are used properly they may destroy an entire ant population. Even tiny traces of honey can attract an army of ants, so keeping all of your sugary food in an area sealed off from the outside, like your refrigerator, is a good method of pest-prevention.

Have you ever seen an ant carrying a chunk of food inside of your home?

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